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Sanat Sabz Tabarestan Company (SSTCO)

  • Sanat Sabz Tabarestan Company (SSTCO) was founded in 2001 by a group of experts experienced and interested in industry and with the aim of producing and distributing solvents and chemicals.
    The production of high – quality sale in the domestic market and export.

    Consistent with manufacturing activities, the company expanded its activities in the field of importing and

    exporting products and raw materials, technology transfer knowhow to chemical and pharmaceuticals products, contracting products, dehydration of solvent, and so on.

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    The Central Office and the Factory:

    Mahmoud Abad – Industrial Town of  (Tashbandan) Phase 2 -Postal Code:  46311- 87111

    P.O. Box 46315457

    Tel Fax: +98(11) 44782382-5

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